How to schedule a web scraper

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Prior requirements

To schedule a scraper you will need a paid subscription. Scheduling is not included with the free tier.

Schedule builder

First, navigate to your scraper and then, click the "Schedule" tab.

Inside the scheduler tab, you'll be able to visually set a powerful schedule. Using the schedule you can specify the following units:

  • Minutes: Run the scraper every minute, every N minutes or just on selected minutes.
  • Hours: Run the scraper every hour, every N hours or just on selected hours of the day.
  • Days of the month: Run the scraper every day or just selected days of the month.
  • Months: Run the scraper every month or just selected months.
  • Days of the week: Run the scraper every week day or just selected week days.

Once you save the scraper, it will be automatically run at the selected schedule.

If you need more help setting up your scraper schedule, send us a message and we'll help you.

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